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Starting 2017 with promises…that I will probably break

Every year I promise my professional self that "this year is going to be different" and "I'm going to organise myself more than I ever have".

Spoiler. It never is and I never do.

In an attempt to kick of 2017 the way I meant to go on, I treated myself to the new macbook pro, complete with touch bar. I’ve needed an updated machine for a good while, something as simple as a ‘vagrant up’ could take 10-15 minutes to boot, and I couldn’t wait any longer to take the plunge.

Making sure I had my priorities right, I installed the client along with Hearthstone and then the Steam client. Obviously. Then, shifted onto moving all my files and apps over. Using the new machine has been a dream and took no time at all to get my first project back up and running.

Starting good, right?

Another promise I’ve made myself is to write more this year.

So here it is, written down and posted, my promises to be better in 2017.

Future me is going to have a right laugh.