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I’m reading again! Honest…

As part of this year's resolutions, I told myself I would exercise more and get through a few books. I've made SOME progress with half of my goals.

While writing this, I have been a member of the gym for close to 6 months with a grand total of 0 visits. Getting fit is out the window for now. That leaves me with reading.

Toward the end of 2016 I had started reading The Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connelly. I don’t usually do crime thrillers but after finishing up The Brass Verdict (which took around 6 months to read) I enjoyed reading about Mickey Haller’s trials and tribulations (get it?) so decided to press on.

It was quite possibly a bad move, as I struggled to go back in the timeline of Haller and had a little bit of burn out on the courtroom dramas.

Give me a break. I don’t usually read, ok?

Starting up 2017 I wanted to get through the shelf full of books I had amassed over the years (most of which containing tatty book marks or small ripped bits of paper where I started and never quite found the drive to finish). The best place to start, I thought, was with rounding up The Lincoln Lawyer.

As I turned the last page (2 weeks in to January, go me) I felt a longing to read on. I have a couple of other Michael Connelly books involving Haller on my shelf so got started with The Reversal. So far I’m really enjoying it.

Reading on a lunch time at work and sometimes before bed has helped to give my eyes a break from electronics and seems to give me a better sleep. Score.

My goal is get through this book before the end of February. Providing I can keep my Overwatch obsession at bay I might just be successful this time.