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Joining the League (of Legends)

League of Legends is a big deal, wether you like the game or not, but I've never played it (or even watched a stream) to see what it's like for myself.

Let's give it a go. What's the worst that could happen?

Well, as it turns out, one potential for ‘the worst that could happen’ is that I can’t stop thinking about the darn thing.

When can I next play?

What character seems like a good fit for me?

What lane is the most appealing?

What the hang dang do all the items do?

Let’s rewind a little, though.

I’ve been playing Heroes of the Storm for quite some time, on and off, and really enjoy playing whenever I do. When I first started playing I remember bumbling through my games without really understanding what I was doing having never played a MOBA before. Reading up on places like r/heroesofthestorm helped me understand that ‘lanes’ weren’t important and neither was ‘last hitting’.

What the heck is a lane and why should I NOT be worried about last hitting?

Not to worry, I don’t need to think about them so I didn’t delve any deeper being the lazy sod I am. I did, however, read up on ‘Stutter Stepping’ a little. Basically, you should do it otherwise you die.

Fast forward a good while and I still play HotS casually without fully researching the heroes I unlock and mostly learning by playing. Last month I finally levelled enough heroes to play ranked and placed low Silver. Ho mai ghad.

Basically, I’m the type of HotS player Reddit hates.

What a perfect time to make the jump to League of Legends, right? The most welcoming community for new players in the gaming ecosystem?

Yeah right.

So, I create my account, get the game installed and download all the updates. The initial introduction to the game seemed pretty straight forward. I was put onto a long path – which turns out was a lane, whooop – with minions running toward me. I swiftly obliterated them with the character Miss Fortune. I then had the option to switch between a few characters, which I did, but ended up settling on Ahri.

After completing the first couple of tutorial bits and going back to the menu, I was overwhelmed by how much was going on in the game client. I clicked around a bit but had no idea what the heck was going on. Thankfully, my friend Tulip GP jumped on and we played a game against AI. I used my starting ‘blue essence’ to unlock the character Ashe and we ran the bottom lane.

In LoL there are three lanes, much like in many of the HotS maps, but there’s a much stricter policy on switching between them. Basically, you don’t.

This was tough for me to get my head around at first.

I’ve been used to playing HotS and jumping lanes without a care in the world to soak XP, gank unsuspecting players, get camps or help out teammates.

In LoL, you stick to your lane and role in the early game – top, mid, bottom or adc (which is also in the bottom lane) – unless you play the jungler role (where you take camps and initiate ganks). When asking Tulip why this was, his reply was reminiscent of what I say to my oldest son whenever he asks why?…’just because’.

After our first AI game we moved into casual PvP and the speed in which people declare their desired role/lane blew me away.


What happened next is a distant memory. I must have blacked out from how quickly I got deleted from the game and the rate in which I was flamed to never play the game again.

A distant memory. I never finished the post as I wasn’t willing to put the time in to climb up the incredibly steep learning curve required to ‘get gud’.

But I went back. They also go back.